How to Style a Blazer And Maxi Dress? A Match Made in Heaven

How to Style a Blazer And Maxi Dress? A Match Made in Heaven

A blazer and maxi dress — a versatile duo that is timeless in the real sense. No matter what event or occasion it is, this ideal match always makes you look stunning. The definite structure of a blazer married to the breeziness of a maxi dress is an ode to femininity, exuding a dose of sophistication. Additionally, the flare of the maxi dress and the fit of the blazer are an excellent choice to accentuate your curves and look incredibly flattering.



A maxi dress and blazer is a wardrobe staple that allows you to play around with innumerable styles. Maxi dresses come in a variety of styles, including A-line, wrap-around, high-slit, off-shoulder, strappy, etc. On the other hand, cropped, oversized, and long blazers are basic, whereas styles like peplum, double-breasted, and cape make them classic. For choosing the right blazer to pair with your alluring maxi dress, you not only have to consider the dress’s pattern but also the blazer’s overall craftsmanship and design so that it neatly hugs the contours of your body. Remember, the aim is to make the duo complement your body type without making your attire look forced.   




Wearing a maxi dress with a blazer is a hassle-free task. All you need is the right choice of accessories and an exclusive style guide in your hands. Allow us to be your stylist; we bet you are going to look rocking in every way. 

How to Style a Blazer And Maxi Dress Effortlessly?


Styling a blazer with a maxi dress requires minimal effort. Pay heed to the type of blazer, its structure, length, color, and the pattern of your maxi dress. In addition, there are a few more aspects that you need to consider. 


  • If your maxi dress is flowy and loose, think of throwing in a well-fitted blazer for a more structured look. 
  • For a maxi dress that is form-fitted, a slightly oversized blazer can aid in maintaining your relaxed vibe and cool charm with a dash of elegance.
  • Let your accessories be classy and minimalistic if your maxi dress or blazer is too loud in terms of texture, pattern, color, or print. Think of dangling earrings, studs, pendant necklaces, chokers, etc.
  • Complete the outfit with a pair of ankle boots, strappy sandals, heels, or sneakers. 


Last but not least, try making your handbag or purse a part of your look.  


How to Choose the Right Blazer Style to Pair with a Maxi Dress?



Maxi dresses, without a doubt, are versatile. They can be styled pretty easily, depending on season, occasion, event, and, of course, mood. Blazers, too, are versatile but need a few skills to carry them off nicely with a dress. Below are some of the rules that will help you ace your fashion game and upgrade your personal style: 


Buttoning a Three-button Blazer 

It is all about how you follow the etiquette rule — “sometimes," “always," and “never."

  1. Sometimes, you need to button the topmost button. 
  2. Always button the middle one. 
  3. Never button the last button. 


Buttoning a Two-button Blazer 


  1. Always button the top-most button.
  2. Never wear the last one.


If you fasten the last button of your blazer, it will make your final silhouette look stiff.



Length of the Blazer


The next vital aspect is choosing the right length of your blazer. The rule of thumb is if you are a tall person, a short blazer might make your fit look a little odd. On the contrary, if you are short in height, avoid blazers that are too long. Here, your focus should be on making your silhouette look balanced. Here are some key points to note. 


  • Mid and short-length blazers look good on those who are short.
  • Tall women have more freedom to wear blazers, which are medium to long. 
  • While pairing your blazers with maxi dresses, focus more on making your legs appear longer and your body balanced. 
  • Let the proportions of your maxi dress sync well with that of a blazer.



Play on And Around Your Hips 


Here, body type comes into the picture so that you can nail your OOTD without imbalancing your silhouette. 


  • For those with a pear body type and curvy hips, pick a blazer that is more structured near the bust area and fan around the bottom.
  • Hourglass body types with a smaller waist may get their hands on blazers featuring buttons at the midsection. 
  • Let the blazer play on and around your hips to maintain the flair of the maxi dress.



Keep a Check on the Shoulders

To get the fit right, pay attention to the shoulders of the blazer. Your blazer should neither be too tight nor too loose. For those with broad shoulders, pick a blazer with less structured shoulders. Likewise, a structured blazer featuring padded shoulders is best suited for those with small or narrow shoulders. Before you wear a blazer over a maxi dress, test the range of motion.



Finding the best blazer for a maxi dress is a matter of seconds if you are aware of these styling and wearing tricks. Since a blazer and maxi dress translates across all seasons, it is a good idea to build a collection of both. After cracking the code to how to style them both, you can set some serious cues and inspire others to join the blazer craze. You can wear the duo for brunch, parties, meetings, etc, and dress up as per your mood and occasion. A maxi dress can keep the tone of your outfit minimal, but a blazer on top of it can make you look sharp.  



  • Is it okay to wear a blazer with a maxi dress for a formal occasion?

Yes, wearing a blazer over your maxi dress can make you look sophisticated and never boring. The duo, when styled properly, can attract attention and add interest to your overall personality. 


  • Are there any specific blazer colors that jam well with maxi dresses?

Solid blazers in white, beige, and black colors are neutral and complement a lot of maxi dresses. However, it also depends on the pattern and print of your maxi dress. If you are wearing a solid-colored maxi dress, layer it with a printed blazer.  


  • Can I wear a belt with a blazer and maxi dress ensemble?

Yes, but it all depends on the type of blazer and dress you are wearing. If your blazer features belt loops, then don’t go belt-less. 

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