How to Tie a Maxi Dress: Easy Style Hacks to Look Flattering

How to Tie a Maxi Dress: Easy Style Hacks to Look Flattering

Maxi dresses have become a wardrobe staple, and to date, they are the most popular choice of women who prioritize comfort with fashion over anything. To transform the look of a maxi dress in as many creative ways as possible, one must know how to tie a maxi dress in trendy styles for the perfect fit and flattering look. Be it a one-shoulder style, halter neck pattern, or criss-cross maxi dress, a small back bow, front knot, or twirled front bow can make a significant difference. 

What makes a maxi dress so special is its breezy style that perfectly suits the carefree season of the sunshine and even the freshness of spring. It can be worn for a variety of casual or special occasions and can easily be dressed up or down depending upon the event. To keep all things chic and casual, one can elevate the look of a simple maxi dress by experimenting with knots and bows. Knowing how to tie a maxi dress is, after all, an essential skill for every fashion-conscious person. It adds a personal touch that can make your OOTD look more edgy and sleek, of course, with minimal effort and the right choice of accessories and footwear.


Our contributor, Harsimran Kukreja, the founder of the fashion production house called Grids, says, “The concept of tying knots to a maxi dress has evolved significantly over time, reflecting changing fashion trends and personal style preferences. Initially, knots were primarily used as functional adjustments to customize the fit of a dress, particularly around the waist or neckline. However, as fashion evolved, knots became a fashionable and versatile styling technique, allowing individuals to add texture, shape, and visual interest to their maxi dresses. Today, tying knots to a maxi dress is not only a practical way to adjust the silhouette but also a creative expression of individual style.

An ultimate style guide to tie knots and bows can help one in getting the most out of this versatile apparel. Remember, your tying technique is the key to spice up your look and seek attention. Without further ado, scroll down and dive deeper into the world of maxi dresses and learn how to style them like a pro!


Reasons Why You Should Tie a Maxi Dress



Maxi dresses are incredibly versatile and primarily the most comfortable clothing item one can ever have in the closet. With the freedom to dress up or down, you also have a chance to transform your look by tying a less complicated yet stubborn knot. One single knot of stylish bow can add a touch of elegance and accentuate your curves. There are a plethora of reasons behind why you should tie a maxi dress which we have mentioned below. Have a look: 

For a Fitted Silhouette: When you choose to wear a flowy and breezy maxi dress, tying a knot at the waist can make your silhouette look a lot more flattering. 

To Keep Things More Casual: Tying a maxi dress can give you a more casual, laid-back, and relaxed touch of feminity. 

Showoff Your Footwear: Maxi dresses are floor-length and hence your footwear isn’t fully visible. To prevent this sneak-peak game of your footwear, tying a maxi dress can aid in drawing attention to your feet as well. 

For a Visual Interest: Once you tie a maxi dress in the right manner, you will notice that your dress has more of a draping effect which looks aesthetically pleasing. 

Smart Move to Change Your Look: To let your maxi dress undergo an effortless transformation, tying it up in as many ways possible can indeed be a smart move.  Experimenting with knots and bows can also help you save your money.

Highlight Your Creative Side: Once you master the art of tying a maxi dress with tie straps or belts, you can highlight your creative side as it gives the dress a personal touch, underlining your unique style. 

How to tie up a maxi dress isn’t rocket science. It's simple, smooth, less time-consuming, and easy to understand. Let us show you how:


Tricks to Tie a Maxi Dress



There are different ways to tie a maxi dress depending on the style, pattern, length, and overall craftsmanship of the dress. Don't worry! We are here to assist you with a step-by-step guide on how to tie a maxi dress and achieve a flattering look.


Style 1: How to Tie a Maxi Dress That’s Too Long?



1. If your maxi dress is floor length, then the very first step is to tie a knot at the base of the skirt to raise the hem on one side of your dress. This will also add some extra flair to the dress and give you a chance to show off your fancy shoes or heels. 

2. Gather the extra fabric at the bottom of the dress and begin to twist it around itself.

3. Make sure the knot is tight to hold the dress up but not extremely tight which distorts its natural shape. 

4. If your dress is still too long for you, then create a knot right in the middle of the maxi dress to make it shorter. 

5. For that, you need to gather the fabric at the center and twist it around. 

6. You can also try to tie a knot at the waistline of your maxi dress by twisting the fabric at your waistline, resulting in a shorter hemline.


Style 2: How to Tie a Maxi Dress with a Slit?




  1. If you are wearing a dress featuring two slits then determine which side of the dress would you like to tie up the knot. You can also think of tying the knot on both sides. 

  2. Begin by grabbing the fabric near the slit and gathering it up to your desired height. You can secure the knot with the help of a bow, hair tie, or an elastic band. 

  3. Adjust the knot as per your desired height and style you wish to ace. Make sure the fabric of the dress is distributed evenly. 

  4. If you have tied a knot on one side, then you may repeat the same process on the other side. For dresses with only one slit, this step can be skipped. 

  5. Once you are done tying the knots, adjust the length of your dress. Ensure that it sits your body well and is comfortable.

    Style 3: How to Tie a Maxi Dress Without Slits?


    1. After putting on the maxi dress, adjust it as per your desired body shape. 

    2. Grab the bottom of the dress in the center and hold it with your hands. 

    3. Begin tying a knot with the gathered fabric and make sure it is tight enough to hold your dress up. Avoid tying a too-tight knot as it may lead to discomfort. 

    4. Pull the excess fabric hanging from the knot and wrap it around the knot itself a couple of times. 

    5. Start tucking the loose ends of the fabric under the knot and secure it in place. 

    6. Adjust the knot and fabric around it and smooth out any wrinkles. 

    7. You can think of adding a belt to complete your look.

        Style 4: How to Tie a Maxi Dress At the Bottom?




        Put your maxi dress on. Stand in front of a full-length mirror. 

        1. Grab the bottom hem of the maxi dress and begin folding it up to your desired length. You can fold it once or twice depending on how high you want your dress to be. 

        2. Hold the dress with one hand and tie a lovely knot with your other, ensuring that the knot is tight enough to hold your dress in place. 

        3. If you find that the knot is too bulky, then think of tucking the ends of the dress into the knot to make it look a lot neater. 

        4. Adjust the dress and make sure it is even with the knot in the center. 

        5. Pair with your chic shoes or sneakers and accessorize for a stylish appearance.

          How to Tie a Maxi Dress Knot in Bow Style?


          Classic Front Bow
          1. Cross the ends of the straps at the front of your waistline. 

          2. Tie a loose knot with the ends. 

          3. Take the right end and make a loop.

          4. Then, take the left end and make a loop, crossing it over the right loop. 

          5. Tuck the left loop under the right loop and pull them through. 

          6. Adjust the loops to create a bow shape. 

            Small Back Bow



            1. Cross the straps at the back of your waist, unlike the classic front bow. 

            2. Bring the ends to the front and tie the knot at the back of your waistline. 

            3. Tie another knot and secure it. 

            4. Make a loop with the left end and right end, crossing them over each other. 

            5. Tuck the right loop under the left one and pull it through.

            6. Adjust the loops and make a bow shape. 

              Twirled Front Bow



              1. Cross the straps at the front of your waist. 

              2. Tie a loose knot with the ends. 

              3. Take the left end, make a loop, and then twirl the loop clockwise.

              4. Take the right end and make a loop, crossing it over the left loop. 

              5. Tuck the right loop under the left loop and pill. 

              6. Adjust it for the desired twirled front bow. 

                This style of tying a bow is similar to the classic front bow. What makes it a little different is the tying of flat ties. Twirling each side is the trick here in order to strengthen the ties before you wrap them around the waist.


                Style Tips for Maxi Dresses


                Sneakers: Pair your maxi dress with sneakers or sandals to elevate your casual look. 

                Accessories: Accessorize your look with statement jewelry such as a necklace with earrings, watches, bracelets, and rings. 

                Jackets: Depending upon the weather, layer your maxi dress with a denim or leather jacket to set some captivating edgy looks on cooler days.

                Hats Or Caps: Throw in a wide-brimmed hat or a trendy cap to add a touch of Bohemian’s signature style to your look.

                Sunglasses: To complete your OOTD, think of wearing a pair of sunglasses which ultimately adds a chic and sleek touch.

                Handbags: Opt for cross-body or sling bags that complement your maxi dress. You may also carry a tote bag to keep yourself hands-free. 


                Tips for Choosing And Wearing the Right Maxi Dress



                Body Type: Maxi dresses come in a variety of cuts and styles. Hence, it is vital to find the right maxi dress that flatters your body type. For instance, if you are petite, you can opt for a slimmer silhouette. Avoid wearing maxi dresses that are too overwhelming for your body type. 

                Size And Fitting: The next key consideration is the size and fitting. Ensure that you pick a maxi dress that fits you correctly. It shouldn’t be too loose or tight. Here, the right balance will accentuate your curves and make you look presentable. 

                Type of Maxi Dress: There are plenty of styles to choose from including,  A-line, form-fitting style, empire waist, wrap dresses, etc. — these maxi dresses give you the freedom to experiment with a variety of drape styles. Depending upon the occasion and seasons, you may choose any. 

                Fabric: Lastly, pay heed to the fabric! Consider investing in a maxi dress that is light in weight and flowy. A maxi dress tailored from cotton and chiffon is best for summer while heavier fabrics like velvet and wool are comfortable enough to be worn in winter or cooler weather. 

                Now that you have found all the answers to how to tie a maxi dress, you can easily cast some lasting impressions without sacrificing comfort. Remember that the right size, fit, and fabric will help you amplify your fashion game. Also, after taking notes from our step-by-step guide on how to tie up a maxi dress, you can focus on your chic look and turn heads around. By playing with different types of knots and bows, you can also revolutionize your fashion game. You can attain a fitted bodice or a casual profile with the help of our styling tips and tricks. So, pull out your favorite maxi dress and discover the endless possibilities of tying and wrapping your maxi dress.


                Is it okay to tie a maxi dress to create a high-low hemline?

                Yes, you can tie a maxi dress to create a high-low hemline by creating a knot somewhere along the side or at the hemline.

                Can I tie a maxi dress to change its neckline?

                It is possible to tie a maxi dress to change its neckline only if it is a tie-up of a wrap-around maxi dress. 

                What are the steps to tie a maxi dress to create a halter neck style?

                Pull both the straps of your maxi dress up and place it over your bust. Get to the nape of your neck and overlap them by bringing them to the front. Arrange the straps downwards across your bust and overlap the fabric. Lastly, crisscross it in the front.

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