What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress? Here’s the Style Guide!

What Color Shoes to Wear with a White Dress? Here’s the Style Guide!



A white dress juxtaposes infinite grace and pure elegance that every woman loves to get soaked into. It pays homage to everything that’s classy, daring, and adorable only if you know what color shoes to wear with a white dress. After all, footwear — be it stilettos, sneakers, sandals, or flats, its color and type has a great ability to highlight your personal style and add the missing oomph to your outfit. Footwear might not seem like a big deal but it plays a significant role in completing your look as a whole.


Being open to a variety of shoe styles, colors, textures, designs, and patterns, it is vital to choose the right type of footwear to maintain the style of your white dress. One wrong choice and, boom, your OOTD might look drab and dead. Hence, first and foremost, understand the craftsmanship of your dress. Check whether it is neatly structured, flowy, casual, formal, or glamorous. For both, breezy and casual white dresses, you can consider the Bohemian way of styling i.e. strappy shoes or any kind of laid-back sandals.


Likewise, you can transform the look of your structured, formal, and glamorous white or off-white dresses into something that’s reception-worthy by simply throwing in a pair of stilettos, wedges, and platform feels. Having said that, it is your dress, occasion, and, of course, the weather outside that dictates what type of shoes to wear with a white dress. A rule of thumb? The more minimal your dress, the more sassy your footwear should be! 


Congratulations! Now that you have almost unlocked the secret of selecting shoes that go with white dresses beautifully, read on a little more to discover the ultimate guide to making a wise decision, concerning shoes and their color. 

What Color Shoes to wear With a White Dress? 


The Basics for a Classic Touch


1. Black Shoes Or Heels



White dress, black shoes — an ideal match! Black shoes are synonymous with everything that’s classy and minimalistic. Regardless of your dress being bright white or off-white, when you complete your look with black footwear, the glory of your fit remains intact. None of them try to overpower each other’s shine and distinctiveness. You may try slipping into stilettos, pointed-toe pumps, strappy heels, etc. to elevate your LOTD seamlessly.

2. Red Heels



White dress, red heels — a match made in heaven! Red is one such color that complements white with ease. It adds a pop of color to your overall look and spruces up the beauty of your dress in the most effortless way possible. Be it stilettos, sneakers, or flats, any type of shoes in red will help you make a bold statement. 


3. Nude Shoes


Choosing nude shoes to wear with a white dress is yet another wise decision to create an alluring look. Honestly, a pair of nude or beige shoes is the answer to what color shoes to wear with a white dress that is neither too glam nor too low on the fashion scale. 


4. White Heels



 You can go matchy-matchy when you are not in the mood to experiment or play with contrasts. When you choose to keep all things white, you will notice the bridesmaid-like vibe flowing around you. But, hey, be a little careful as there are higher chances of looking like a bride yourself, especially, if your dress is made of lace, tulle, or overall ruffled. Topping it all off, a pair of white shoes is the most obvious choice to make when you don’t want to invite any other color to jam with your outfit.


3. Clear Heels 


For anyone who wants to add a trendy yet subtle splash to a white dress, think of clear heels and shoes. These footwear are bound to put your outfit in the forefront. They never try to distract the viewer but soothingly complement your way of styling. Secondly, transparent and clear pairs of footwear are almost invisible, hence, they make your legs appear a little longer than usual. 


4. Animal Print Footwear



Animal print shoes and heels with white dress look chic together, perfect for exuding casual vibes but in a more sophisticated manner. The beige, black, and brown hues pretty much complement the simplicity of your white dress, while making your footwear add the missing jazz. Nevertheless, animal print or pattern footwear is an excellent choice to look bold and bodacious in your causal dress. 

Metallics for Added Glitz And Glam


1. Silver Heels



For creating formal or party-worthy looks, choose silver! Silver metallic heels or shoes add a sophisticated touch to your style quotient without drifting attention from your dress. 


2. Gold Heels



To feel a little more modest, consider slipping into golden metallic heels. These heels can set off your white dress in the most stunning possible, keeping you in the limelight. They promise to lend you the required glitz and add a dynamic construct to the neutral base of your white dress. 


Seasonal Touch for Quick Variations 


1. Pink Heels And Shoes 


Pink has a summery profile. And, when worn on the toes, they celebrate grace along with femininity. Right from raspberry to dusty rose heels for a white dress, everything is a match! Anything in the shade of pink makes your style statement look icy and on-fleek. Plus, after wearing them with any of your adorable white dresses, you can silently channel your inner Barbie-core attitude. 


2. Any Color Sneakers



Sneakers are versatile and you can’t deny that. Perfect for acing your casual look like a pro, sneakers, be it white, pink, yellow, or red, they will never let you settle for anything less. Moreover, sneakers add a dash of drama and a stylish flair to your ensemble. 


3. Black/Brown Boots



Boots are the call of winter. Be it black, beige, gray, red, or brown, pair it with a short white dress, and tada, and you will look fabulous from every angle. Knee-high, thigh-high, or ankle-high boots look great when paired with sweaters and frilly white dresses. On the other hand, if you wish for a rugged look, think of throwing in boots in the shade of brown, featuring an earthy vibe. 


Similarly, you can play with cool and warm-colored heels and chic shoes to wear with a white dress. Right from soft pastels to vibrant reds, blues, yellows, and greens, you can consider them all. All that you need to choose is the type of shoe that you are comfortable in. Is it flats, loafers, bellies, platforms, wedges, shoes, or stilettos? With a white dress on, everything seems to work. Once you have figured it out, begin analyzing what color shoes to wear with a white dress. Do you want to add a pop of color to your ensemble? Rely on red, pink, blue, black, or green. Do you wish to go basic and neutral? Nude, beige, or clear heels can be your fit. Is it something glitzy and sassy that you wish to ride into? Well, metallics is the way to go.  


Out of all the dresses available on the market, the ones in white steal hearts right at first glance. However, your look is incomplete without footwear. And, when we say footwear, it is up to you how to break or keep the monotony of your outfit. No matter what you choose to slip into, remember to walk with confidence and your head held high to turn heads around and fetch tons of compliments.



  • Which color shoes or heels look good with a white dress?

Heels and shoes in the colors red, black, beige, blue, and green look good with a white dress.


  • How should one pair a white dress?

One should pair a white dress with accessories, clutches, and footwear. 


  • Can pink shoes go well with a white dress?

Yes, pink adds a pop of color to your white ensemble and hence, makes you look super adorable. 

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